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Hosting Your Legislators

You can have your federal legislators come to you. A great way to engage with your legislators is to have them come speak at an IREM Chapter event or property tour.

Decide on the Format
There are many ways to bring your legislator to you:

  • Chapter Meeting
    Invite them to speak at your regularly scheduled chapter meeting. Ask the legislator to address the audience for 15-20 minutes. Be sure to send the elected official or their staff information on IREM so they can prepare. Leave some time for Q&A.

  • Property Tour
    Invite the legislator to tour your property. Legislators are happy to do this as it can make for great photo and media opportunities.

  • Legislative Day
    Host a standalone event dedicated to all things legislation. This could be a full day event, or just a lunch. The legislator should be one of several speakers. Their schedules are always in flux and it is very possible they will be late or miss your event all together. Have a backup plan!

Regardless of the format you choose, only focus on ONE federal legislator at each event. Make them the center of your attention. This will build a lasting impression and rapport with their office.

Know Your Federal Legislators
Once you have decided on the format, find out who your Federal Elected Officials are and get their contact information.

How to Request a Meeting
Call the U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator’s office and ask for their scheduler’s email address. Email their scheduler and formally invite the legislator to come speak at a chapter event. They will likely ask for information regarding crowd size, if there will be press present, what topics the legislator should cover, and the general format of the event.

Let IREM Know About Meeting
Let us know if you have an upcoming visit. Contact us as soon as the details are finalized. We can help you with planning the details of your event.