Hidekazu Sakihara, CPM® - Vice President IREM Japan

Hidekazu Sakihara, CPM

Hidekazu Sakihara, CPM®
2020-2022 Vice President IREM Japan
Owner’s Agent, Art Avenue
Tokyo, Japan

Hidekazu “Eddie” Sakihara, CPM® is the 2020-2022 IREM Japan Vice President. Currently there are five Japan chapters. Sakihara is general manager of the business planning and human resources division at Owner’s Agent, a real estate company that provides property management training, asset consulting for real estate owners, and tenant call center support. Owner’s Agent’s affiliated company, Art Avenue, received its AMO designation in 2018.

Sakihara joined Owner’s Agent in 2002. Before taking this position, he worked for six years at a real estate brokerage company and a property management company. At Owner’s Agent and Art Avenue, Sakihara helps manage 7,000 units and provide consulting and research on management and inheritance for over 300 companies.

Sakihara received his CPM designation in 2007. He has served as president of IREM Japan NPO and Institute, the non-profit partner that administers IREM’s program in Japan, since 2019. He has also served as an IREM instructor since 2015 and currently teaches five courses across Japan.

Sakihara is a member of the IREM East Japan chapter.

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