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Troubled Properties: A Practical Guide for Turning Around Troubled Assets

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Watch co-author Richard F. Muhlebach, CPM, discuss the book.

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Written by: Lawrence W. Baiamonte, CPM®; John N. Gallagher, CPM®; Kenneth Goodacre, CPM®; Kathleen M. Harmon, CPM®; ARM®; Richard F. Muhlebach, CPM®

Turning around a troubled property ranks among the greatest management challenges that a real estate manager will encounter in their career. While there is no one-size-fits-all template for managing troubled properties or working as a consultant, this Key Report provides solutions and a frame of reference for some of the most common challenges.

Regardless of skill level, real estate managers will find guidance in all key areas when working toward the end goal-turning around a troubled asset. When coming face-to-face with challenges, this report will also help build a comprehensive understanding to evaluate and resolve troubled assets for both residential and commercial property types.

This report also includes in-depth case examples that present scenarios, examine potential problems, and provide solutions for turning around troubled properties, along with the following:

  • Economic downturns in relation to troubled properties
  • Effective management operations
  • Refinancing or restructuring the loan
  • Use of vacant space for shopping centers
  • Receivership and foreclosure
  • Developing an exit strategy

Pub date: 2011
Softcover, 144 pages
ISBN-10 is:1-57203-168-9
ISBN-13 is: 978-157203-168-5