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Maintenance and Risk Management for the Real Estate Manager (eBook)

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Also available in print

There is a critical connection between maintenance and risk management. Maintaining a property in good condition is the first step towards managing risk associated with real estate management. In fact, a good maintenance program minimizes unexpected expenses and ensures the safety of tenants and staff, while attracting and retaining tenants.

Maintenance and Risk Management for the Real Estate Manager can help you develop a first-rate, proactive, and sustainable property maintenance and risk management program by learning the specifics of planning, implementing, and monitoring property maintenance operations. It is designed to be an ongoing reference tool, and provides many forms and checklists for on-the-job application.

With this book, you will learn:

  • How to establisha maintenance and risk management program that aligns with the owner’s goals and objectives
  • How to develop a property maintenance and risk management policy and procedure manual
  • Strategies to minimize physical, security, and environmental risks
  • How to speak knowledgeably with maintenance personnel and contractors to ensure proper, proactive maintenance and efficient, cost-effective operation
  • How to maintain a sustainable and efficient property
  • The importance of transferring risk through insurance, including various insurance coverage types
  • How to plan and implement an emergency and disaster program that keeps the property investment viable before, during, and after a disaster

Copyright: 2015
ePub; 244 Print Pages
10 Digit: 1-57203-223-5
13 Digit: 978-1-57203-223-1