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Hollister Co. to Make Entrances Wheelchair Accessible

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (09/24/15)

Following a long court battle between Hollister and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, the retailer has agreed to remodel entrances to dozens of its beach-house style stores across the country to make them wheelchair accessible. A Denver federal judge is expected to approve the proposed settlement to finalize the case, which accused Hollister of discriminating against handicapped people. In 2011, a federal judge ruled that the raised porch entrances that Hollister uses violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. But a panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the ruling three years later, finding that the clothing store did not break the law because it offered alternative entrances for users of wheelchairs. The proposed settlement came after Hollister said it had already converted many of its storefronts.
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