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Earnings of CPM and CPM Candidate Members are Trending Upward

February 17, 2017 | Cecilia Garcia

IREM periodically conducts surveys of its members to gather useful data on compensation, management portfolios, and various demographic characteristics. The newest edition of the CPM Profile and Compensation Study shows that U.S. CPM Members continue to experience steady growth in compensation.

Median Compensation of US CPM and CPM Candidate Members

CPM Members earned a median total compensation of $123,025 in 2015, which includes a base salary for property management and additional real estate income from sales and leasing commissions.

Change in Base Salary of US Members

Continuing an upward salary trajectory, the vast majority of CPM and Candidate respondents received a salary increase in 2016. Roughly half (53% of CPM Members and 49% of Candidate Members) reported an increase in the range of 1% - 5%. In addition, 17% of CPM Members and 29% of Candidate Members earned a salary increase of 6% or higher.

To better understand bonus and commission structure, respondents who reported a bonus or commission were asked to specify the factors that determine the bonus or commission. The most common factors that determine bonuses or commissions include:

  1. the financial performance of the company,
  2. the financial performance of properties/portfolio, and
  3. meeting specific goals for properties/portfolio.

Factors determining bonus or commission 

The complete results are published in the 2016 editions of the Profile and Compensation Studies – one version for CPM® and CPM® Candidate Members and one version for ARM® Members

About the Author
Cecilia Garcia is the Senior Research Analyst at IREM Headquarters.


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