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Congress and You

December 14, 2016 | John Salustri

With all of the agita and divisiveness of the recent election, it seems—according to IREM’s most recent Quick Poll—that there is at least and at last a little unity. Most respondents to the question “Will the new 115th US Congress be a friend or foe to the real estate industry?” are predicting “Friend.”

It could very well be that this is the ripple effect of having a person in the Top Seat who actually has real estate experience, and his party dominates both houses. Certainly, if the majority (70% of respondents of this poll) rules, it would break with a longstanding tradition of our elected representatives taking their legislative biases out on the real estate industry in such considerations as tax reform. That majority does expect that “Pro industry legislation is likely to be enacted.”

REMnews poll Dec 2016

For the record, the poll wasn’t even close, and a mere 10% expect Congress to be a “Foe,” and that “Anti industry legislation is likely to be enacted.”

Double that—20%—takes what might be the most negative view: that Congress will be neither friend nor foe and “Gridlock will continue with little pro or anti legislation passing.”

Interestingly, no one took a wait-and-see attitude, with zero votes for “Don’t know yet.”

Of course, opinions aside, we can do a lot more than just wait-and-see; we can work to advocate for our industry issues on Capitol Hill. Visit our Federal Action Center to learn more about issues and contact your legislators. Already have a connection with a representative? We'd love to hear from you to better leverage our legislative efforts. Take this quick survey to tell us who you know.

Make sure you take the IREM Quick Poll in each issue of Real Estate Management News.

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John Salustri is editor-in-chief of Salustri Content Solutions, Inc., a consultancy focused on enhancing the web and print content of clients around the nation. He is a regular contributor to JPM Magazine and a frequent blogger for IREM’s website. Prior to launching SCS, John was founding editor of, the industry’s premier real estate news website, where he managed the daily output of 25 international reporters, and prior to that, he was editor of Real Estate Forum Magazine. John is a four-time winner of the National Association of Real Estate Editors’ Award for Excellence in Journalism.

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