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Should Pokemon "Go," As In Away?

September 01, 2016 | John Salustri

“First, my friend caught a Charmander at a supermarket. Then the flood started: Digletts on a steering wheel. Rhyhorn at the bar. Magikarp on a frying pan.” So writes Stephanie Lee in a blog for Lifehacker.

But the question is, what in the world is she talking about? These are characters in the newest digital game craze, Pokémon Go, in which real-life gamers wander real-life streets in search of the various above-named characters.

Problem is, as these gamers chase down Fifth Avenue in pursuit of Charmander, they might fail to realize that they are also walking onto real-life traffic. In fact, according to UPI, since the game launched earlier this year, it has been blamed with 2.5 traffic accidents daily in Tokyo. Closer to home, there are reports of similar accidents, and the San Diego Union Tribune even reported recently that two men fell off a bluff in Encinitas, CA in search of the little buggers. One fell 90 feet, the other 50. Both men survived.

And that’s not all. An L.A. Times video embedded in the U.T. story reports that armed robbers in Missouri have used the game to lure potential victims to isolated locations. Nevertheless, players spend on average 43 minutes a day on the app, helping to boost Nintendo’s stock by 25%, or $7.5 billion.

Not surprisingly, the little beasts (the characters, not the gamers) are also being spotted on commercial and residential properties. As a follow up to our first article on the benefits and risks associated with Pokemon Go for property managers, we asked Real Estate Management News readers if they have been seeing Pokemon traffic on their properties. According to the poll results, 26% of respondents report seeing unwanted gamers on their properties. Another 16% say they have spotted the wanderers on their properties, but “they are not a problem.”

That makes 42% who have had trespassers, wanted or not; nearly as many as those who responded that they’ve had no Pokémon visitors at all (47%). For the record, 11% said they never heard of Pokémon Go.

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