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Louisiana Flooding Impacts 40,000 Homes

August 17, 2016 | Karen Kazmierczak

Once again, disastrous flooding has hit an area of the United States. At least 11 people have died, and 30,000 have required rescue from flooding in the state of Louisiana. Nearly half of the state’s parishes are to be declared disasters, according to Governor John Bel Edwards.

Should flooding be occurring or imminent at your property, there are a number of actions you as a property manager should take.

  1. Give priority to protecting the power plant and fire pumps, important motors, controls, and emergency power generators.
  2. If possible, shut down the electricity in the building to minimize electrocution hazards. Distribute emergency flashlights to staff and tenants.
  3. Open basement or lower-level windows to equalize water pressure on the building’s foundation and walls.
  4. Do not use open flames in case there are gas leaks from ruptured mains.
  5. Watch for and avoid electrical wires.
  6. If water enters the building and evacuation becomes impossible, move all staff and tenants to an upper floor or rooftop and wait for rescuers.
  7. Avoid attempting to drive through floods or rising water – nearly half of all flash flood fatalities are auto-related.

On this blog, we have covered similar flooding in Houston in 2016 and Central Texas in 2015. For more tips, download the Floods, Droughts, and Landslides chapter (PDF) of the IREM publication Before and After Disaster Strikes, and view the IREM checklist What to Do After a Flood.

About the Author
Karen Kazmierczak is the Digital Strategist at IREM headquarters. She oversees IREM's digital communications and marketing, including the website, social media, and blog.

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