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Draper and Kramer, AMO®, Creates Value through Excellence

February 08, 2016 | Jessi Narducci

REME Award Winner Spotlight

Draper and Kramer, Incorporated, AMO®, won the 2015 REME Award for AMO® of the Year. The organization has been part of IREM's history since 1933 and remains a family business, providing property and financial services in real estate. “Our IREM® membership has been a key component of our success. Today, we employ 22 CPMs and 14 ARMs,” says Forest Baily, President, CEO, Draper and Kramer, Chicago, Illinois. “Our AMO® status is promoted to the public and our clients via our website, in our e-mails, and in our capabilities package. IREM® is and always will be an important part of our company vision and strategy.”

REME Award Winner Draper and Kramer 

Kimmberly Donnelly, CPM, receives the 2015 AMO of the Year REME Award on behalf of Draper and Kramer, AMO.

Valuing Integrity
Draper and Kramer’s core values are aligned with the highest level of ethical behavior and integrity. “Our team upholds a legacy of more than 100 years of leadership and innovation,” says Kimmberly Donnelly, CPM®, Vice President, Senior Regional Property Supervisor. “We pride ourselves on our reputation as a trusted and upstanding organization. The interests of our clients, the community and the company are placed above personal interests.”

Delivering Value and Service
Draper and Kramer’s vision is “We create value by delivering exceptional living experiences.” Customers are the driving force of the business. Customer feedback is monitored to ensure exceptional service at all points of contact. By incorporating feedback into its services, Draper and Kramer has increased ratings to 78 percent – higher than the national average. “Our passion for superior customer service has resulted in the long-term relationships that fuel our business,” says Donnelly. “Our company culture is proactive and responsive, delivering the best possible service to each and every customer.”

Driving Results through Excellence
As a results-oriented service business, Draper and Kramer fosters a collaborative environment that rewards team members who contribute to success. “Being good at what we do is just the beginning – we always look for ways to improve. We are not afraid to take responsible risks and see challenge as opportunity,” says Donnelly. “We take pride in proactively crafting innovative solutions across all our business lines.” Draper and Kramer moved to the Yardi integrated property management solution to manage more than 130 rental and condo buildings, and other business facets. The transition enabled them to more effectively manage and grow portfolios. It also enabled employees to work from any location because of the web-based solution, and it streamlined training and standardized property reporting.

Developing Our People
Employee development is a top priority and many employees are promoted from within – 25 people in 2014. Draper and Kramer invests more than $150,000 per year in education and training. “The dedication and tight-knit culture is reflected in our commitment to our community and to our coworkers. We seek to attract, develop and retain the best talent by providing the tools, training, and support needed for each person to thrive and grow. By embracing individuality and diversity, we foster an enriching and welcoming culture,” says Julie F. Johnson, CPM®, Senior Vice President. Three hundred employees receive training on fair housing practices. All leasing agents, property managers and supervisors are licensed. Draper and Kramer offers tuition reimbursement and in 2014, invested $23,703 in tuition. It also invests $20,000 in conferences per year so employees have opportunities to network. “We nominate individuals, teams, and properties for internal awards throughout the year based on exceptional service, financials, and teamwork in order to motivate our employees to elevate our service to the next level,” says Donnelly. “This encourages friendly competition and we see results.”

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About the Author
Jessi Narducci is the Corporate Communications Manager at IREM headquarters in Chicago. She also oversees Media and Public Relations. Contact for press or media inquiries.

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