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2016 Top Legislative News

Dec. 2016 - HUD Issues New Broadband Final Rules

Dec. 2016 - Senators Send FinCEN Letter Urging Guidance for Banks and Marijuana-Based Businesses

Dec. 2016 - Supreme Court Declines Internet Sales Tax Case

Dec. 2016 - Congress Passes Continuing Resolution Funding the Federal Government

Dec. 2016 - IREM Comments on HUD’s Energy Benchmarking Notice

Nov. 2016 - HUD Final Rule Will Ban Smoking in Public Housing

Nov. 2016 - Overtime Rule Halted by Federal Judge

Nov. 2016 - HUD Issues Letter Updating Owner-Occupancy Requirements

Oct. 2016 - HUD Publishes Final Rule Regarding Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Environment Harassment and Liability

Sep. 2016 - ADA Reform Bill Introduced in the US Senate

Sep. 2016 - District Court Rules Against Disparate Impact Claim

Jul. 2016 - Success! The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act Heads to the President

Jul. 2016 - ADA Reform Clears Legislative Hurdle

Jun. 2016 - Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Drone Rule

May 2016 - North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law Challenged by US Department of Justice

Apr. 2016 - IREM Advocates for the Federally Assisted Housing Industry

Apr. 2016 - FAA Approves Night Flights for a Commercial Drone Operator

Apr. 2016 - IREM Signs Onto Coalition Letter Urging Congress to Extend Tax Deduction for Energy Efficient Improvements

Apr. 2016 - HUD Publishes Guidance on Renting to People with Criminal History

Mar. 2016 - IREM Comments on Best Practices for the Project Based Rental Assistance Program

Mar. 2016 - North Carolina Enacts Anti-Transgender Law

Mar. 2016 - Coalition Urges Movement on Internet Sales Tax Collection Bill

Feb. 2016 - FASB Published Revised Lease Accounting Standard

Feb. 2016 - House Unanimously Passes the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2015

Feb. 2016 - HUD Proposes Rule to Evict Over-earning Tenants From Public Housing

Feb. 2016 - Zika Virus and What You NEED to Know Now

Jan. 2016 - IREM Signs Onto Coalition Letter to FASB and PCC

Jan. 2016 - HUD Publishes Final AFFH Assessment Tool

Jan. 2016 - 2016 IREM Public Policy Priorities

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