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Understanding Leverage and Debt Structure

  • Learn how a property’s capital structure impacts overall risk and return
  • Understand how to maximize returns using financial leverage
  • Increase financial returns for owners through effective leverage and debt structure

Attracting and Retaining Residents

  • Attract residents to the building, increase signed leases, reduce turnover, and maximize income for the owner
  • Understand legal issues to protect your property
  • Become a whiz at analyzing the market and establishing rents

Delegating to Empower Your Team

  • Understand the benefits of delegation and lighten your workload
  • Identify the barriers to delegation and how to overcome them
  • Assess team member's abilities and evaluate their effectiveness at handling delegated tasks

Developing a Capital Strategy

  • Explore real-life examples for scenarios to apply to your daily routine
  • Analyze the current status of your property to identify and prioritize capital improvement – don’t be caught by surprise
  • Develop multi-year capital plans to stay ahead.

Finding Your Company’s Niche

  • Learn to build success by establishing a market niche
  • Explore types of non-traditional properties to help you expand your market
  • Discover more about secondary services like expert witness testimony and consulting

Outstanding Facilitation

  • Brush up on your presentation skills to engage your audience
  • Review guidelines, checklists, and forms for the planning, presentation, and evaluation of knowledge transfer
  • Examine methods that maximize learning

Residential Budgeting and Accounting

  • Learn to meet owner’s goals through accounting and budgeting
  • Characterize types of budgets, forecast income and expenses, and analyze budget variances
  • Calculate the cash flow statement to ease operating decisions

Residential Maintenance Operations

  • Select and oversee the work of contractors – don’t be at the mercy of the market
  • Minimize risk with a maintenance plan and an effective purchasing and inventory system
  • Improve sustainability and efficiency

Staffing a Residential Management Team

  • Learn the secrets to successful recruiting, orientation, and minimizing turnover
  • Create  a motivational workplace and obtain great work
  • Learn to lead your team to improved efficiency and effectiveness

Starting a Property Management Company

  • Hear from experienced owners for tips, best practices, and lessons for starting your own business
  • Determine your market niche, business plan
  • Spot variables affecting your company’s structure and staffing

Understanding Loss to Lease

  • Clarify this vague financial concept and define gross potential income
  • Use case studies to calculate loss to lease and net rent revenue
  • Differentiate between physical vacancy, economic vacancy and collection loss

Working with the Media

  • Discover how to connect with your key audience
  • Understand the editorial process and how to establish relationships with the media
  • Practice how to respond to the media after a potentially negative event

Building Effective Teams

  • Explore the myriad of non-traditional properties to identify your forte
  • Learn more about ancillary services to supplement your income
  • Find the niche market that works best for you

Developing Critical Thinking

  • Master critical thinking - a top competencies required for success
  • Find out the steps in the critical thinking process
  • Learn to apply critical thinking strategies to make problem solving easier