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Certified Property Manager

For Asset and Property Managers

The challenges in today’s job market—from industry consolidation and increased competition to being expected to do more with less—make it harder for you to prove your experience and your credibility.  The CPM designation can demonstrate your expertise and integrity to those who matter most—employers, owners and investors. Demonstrate your commitment and prove your impact by earning the CPM designation!


Get Started

Click each section heading to see the requirements, or download and print a copy of the entire CPM checklist.


3 years (36 months) of qualifying real estate management experience as defined by IREM (portfolio and function minimums)

Education – choose one of four options:

Course schedules

If you took IREM courses prior to 2005, find out which of these courses earn credit by reviewing the CPM Course Equivalency Chart

Note: This is the suggested order, however, courses listed in 1 through 3 can be taken in any combination and/or out of sequence if necessary or if scheduling is not convenient.

Option 2: Other Designations Fast Track

Hold a CCIM, CFM, CSM, PCAM, RPA, or SIOR designation and submit the fast track approval fee

Details about the CPM Fast Track Program.


Option 3: Real Estate Degree Fast Track

Have an undergraduate or graduate degree with a major, minor or concentration in real estate or property management and submit the fast track approval fee

Details about the CPM Fast Track Program.


Option 4: Professional Experience Fast Track

Have 20 years of qualifying professional experience (as verified via experience reports and approved by chapter) and submit the fast track approval fee

Details about the CPM Fast Track Program.

Management Plan

Option 1

  • Pass management plan on an actual property (MPIND)

Option 2

  • Pass management plan skills assessment (MPSA).




Submit 3 Confidential Letters of Recommendation (provided at the time of candidacy approval)

Minimum 1 year of CPM Candidate Membership

  • Fulfill the one year Candidacy period by being a CPM Candidate Member, ARM Member, or ACoM Member in good standing for the 12 months prior to CPM approval
  • Be in good standing with annual national and chapter dues. (national dues are $495; chapter dues vary by chapter.)

Other Requirements

  • Submit a CPM application with the application fee, which is $210.
  • Be current with annual national and chapter dues. (national dues are $495; chapter dues vary by chapter.)
  • Hold a real estate license or verify that you are not required to have one for your current position.
  • Be affiliated with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.
  • Attend two IREM Chapter meetings or events during the 12 months immediately prior to CPM approval.
  • Be interviewed and approved by your IREM Chapter.

If you are from Canada, contact the Real Estate Institute of Canada
If you are from any other country, check out the International CPM Application.


Choose Your Path
Pick a Path

Apply to Become CPM Candidate Member

As a CPM Candidate Member, you’ll get personal and customized mentoring on your journey to the CPM designation. Enjoy member rate discounts on IREM courses, publications and other resources, and the connection to a local IREM Chapter. Not ready to commit to CPM Candidate membership yet? Join as an Associate Member and still enjoy the member rate discounts and other benefits.

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Apply to Become an Associate Member

Not sure how long it will take you to complete the CPM journey and not ready for CPM Candidate membership? Save money on dues, courses and other resources through Associate membership – and still enjoy the connection to a local IREM Chapter. (Note: One year of CPM Candidate membership is required prior to CPM approval, so plan accordingly.)


Why CPM?

  • Make more money. The average total compensation for CPM Candidate Members is $92,544. CPM Members average $135,162.

  • Reap the rewards. IREM aggressively promotes the CPM designation to potential clients and employers.

  • Meet your personal goals - distinguish yourself, open doors, grow your business, or become a competent leader, the CPM is the edge you’re looking for.

  • Extend your reach and expand your network- IREM is an affiliate of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

For more information about the benefits of CPM membership, visit the Member Benefits page.

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