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University Programs

College and University Programs   
While college education is not a requirement for beginning a career in real estate management, it is highly recommended.  Many colleges and universities offer real estate and property management courses, more and more offer degrees in real estate, and a few offer degrees in property management.  Likewise, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in business administration can be an excellent means to progress in the field.  Because real estate management is competitive and increasingly complex, the future will demand exceptional performance from practitioners, including extensive, never-ending education.

View our list of Real Estate and Property Management degrees. 

IREM Academic Connections
If your company seeks candidates with university degrees, consider recruiting from academic institutions with which IREM has relationships.  IREM develops relationships with colleges and universities in an effort to make real estate management a career of choice among students and others entering the workplace – connecting with colleges and universities in multiple ways.  Visit IREM Academic Connections for information on affiliated academic institutions.