Regional Vice President


IREM is currently looking for RVP applicants for the 2020-2021 term in these Regions: 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10.

Make a deep and lasting impact on the future. Each year, a select group of CPM Members respond to the call to serve IREM in the role of Regional Vice President (RVP). As volunteer officers of IREM, RVPs are the highly visible and well-respected conduit between IREM Headquarters and its chapters.

Develop your leadership skills with IREM’s training. Hone and enhance the skills you need to support successful chapters and provide direction for IREM with our rich training program. Become a more effective leader within the Institute and in your business.

Enhance your network of industry contacts. RVPs travel around their regions as liaisons between IREM Headquarters and the local chapters. With at least one visit a year to each chapter, subsidized by IREM, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with other real estate management professionals, owners, and investors.

Increase your visibility. As an RVP, you’ll follow in the footsteps of those leaders who have made IREM the premier real estate management association. Nearly all of IREM’s current and past officers have served as RVPs.

Mentor the future. Share your expertise with new chapter leaders as they create and implement meaningful member programs and services. Through your work with each chapter in your region, identify and mentor future potential IREM leaders.

Collaborate with your peers. All RVPs serve collectively on the RVPs Committee and as members of the Governing Council. Through these decision-making positions, you’ll collaborate with your peers on the achievement of IREM’s mission and strategic goals.

What qualifications must I have in order to be considered for the RVP position?
RVP qualifications can be found in the RVP Job Description.

Please note if you submit an application and do not meet all qualifications, your application will not be considered.

What would be my commitment as a RVP?
RVPs are a critical connection between IREM Headquarters and its chapters. To fulfill that role, RVPs are required to attend the following meetings and events during their two-year term:

  • IREM Regional Meeting
  • IREM Global Summit
  • Monthly virtual meetings
  • At least one visit annually to each chapter within the region

IREM provides funding for chapter visits (up to three per year per chapter). Registration and travel expenses for the IREM Regional Meetings and the IREM Global Summit are the responsibility of the RVP.

In addition, RVPs provide ongoing guidance, advice, and support to the chapters within the region. RVPs are also called upon to serve as a spokesperson for IREM with media, real estate owners and investors, employers of real estate management professionals, and colleges and universities.

What is the selection process for RVPs?
RVP Applications are accepted from January 1, 2018 through the August 1, 2018 deadline. During IREM Global Summit, the Nominating Committee will meet to review applications and select nominees.

All applicants will receive notification from the Nominating Committee Chair regarding the status of their application by 2018 year-end. The slate of RVP Nominees will be published in the March/April 2019 issue of JPM and announced at each 2019 Regional Meetings. Terms for 2020-2021 RVPs officially begin at the conclusion of the 2019 IREM Global Summit.

Kimberley Morgan Being an RVP is the best job in IREM because you are not only making an impact on IREM as a whole, you get to be a witness to the growth of each chapter in your region. You are helping to touch lives and truly making a difference in the property management world. I will truly miss this role!"

- Kimberley Morgan, CPM – Austin, TX.


Mel Schultz What a privilege it is to serve as RVP. To have the ability to meet with the leaders within our Region and to work closer with IREM Headquarters in such an inviting and collaborative environment has been rewarding and enjoyable. It truly is the best job in IREM, at least to this point in my career."

- Mel Schultz, CPM – St. Louis Park, MN.


August 1 is the annual deadline to submit RVP applications.