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Marketing and Leasing: Apartments (e-Book)

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Also available in print

When it comes to apartments, positioning your property in the market and attracting and retaining new residents are essential for your success as a property manager. Marketing and Leasing: Apartments is a resource for learning the key strategies for reaching qualified prospects, selling your property’s benefits, and successfully closing on the lease. 
With this book, you will learn how to:

  • Position your property to succeed in your market
  • Showcase your property in the best light to secure new residents
  • Achieve higher levels of resident satisfaction and retention by effectively responding to resident issues
The following items are covered in this book:
  • Market Assessment: Neighborhood analysis, regional demographics, competitive analysis, rent-setting strategies
  • Marketing Strategies: Marketing campaign development, advertising, social media marketing, analytics
  • Leasing Office Optimization: Communications protocols, legal compliance, online leasing, showing and closing techniques, prospect qualification
  • Resident Retention: Lease administration, resident retention strategies, conflict resolution, reputation management

Copyright: 2015
ePub; 128 Print Pages
10 digit: 1-57203-234-0
13 digit: 978-1-57203-234-7