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Field Guide for Practical Apartment Management (eBook)

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Also available in print

There is never a dull moment in the life of a residential manager. From hiring new employees and balancing the budget, to overseeing construction projects and keeping the apartments leased, every day brings a new challenge and a problem to solve. There is no doubt that residential management is a complex and rewarding field.

The Field Guide for Practical Apartment Management provides managers with the tools and expertise necessary to professionally manage the day-to-day aspects of residential properties. It is a comprehensive guide book that will serve as an ongoing reference tool, and provides many forms and checklists for immediate, on-the-job application.

The Field Guide is organized into four parts that cover all aspects of managing multifamily properties.

Part 1: Human Resources and Relationship Management—putting the team together and managing those responsible for the property’s success.

Part 2: Finance—introducing the accounting and budgeting skills needed to meet the owner’s goals and objectives and providing a foundation for making day-to-day operating decisions.

Part 3: Maintenance and Risk Management—reviewing maintenance and risk management plans, as well as the tools and techniques for conducting inspections to protect residents, guests, and the owner’s asset.

Part 4: Marketing and Leasing—identifying appropriate marketing and leasing strategies and practices to find and retain residents.

The Field Guide for Practical Apartment Management is a comprehensive guide to apartment management, drawing upon the knowledge and experience of over a dozen recognized experts in the field.  The Field Guide is a must-read for everyone who manages apartments, whether they are new to the industry or seasoned veterans.

Copyright: 2015
ePub; 448 Print Pages
10 digit: 1-57203-236-7
13 digit: 978-1-57203-236-1